Originally created as an ingenious way to supply reliable internet to rural areas, Fixed Wireless Broadband still depends heavily on the success of its rural markets. In general these areas have few internet options to choose from and end users, specifically rural businesses utilizing the service, rely on and require a stable network connection that can fully handle the load at any given hour of the day. Furthermore, WISPs require many nodes and repeaters to ensure full coverage of a wide service area and have to contend with the complexity of roaming hotspots. Whether you provide for a rural or urban area, the rXg is tailored to fully integrate with all moving parts of your wireless network, simplifying the process, so you can provide the best experience to your customers with the least amount of effort.

As a Software Defined solution, the rXg’s “All-in-One” box communicates with every part of the network, so that you can more easily control, manage, and deploy devices from one central location. Which means less time spent sending out technicians to remote nodes and less time scaling up your network. Now it's as easy as sending out a device to a customer and plugging it into the network, while the rXg handles setup and preferences. The rXg was designed to streamline running a network with features like Fair Share Equalization, intelligently dividing network resources during use and ensuring all customers have reliable access to the internet. Other features like Third Party Integration were specifically developed to quickly incorporate auxiliary networking tools and security applications; if you want to cut out the middleman, the rXg’s Integrated Billing allows you to charge users without the need for third party services. Jam-packed with dozens of features that improve deployment, maintenance, and performance, the rXg is ready to elevate your WISSP networking experience. To learn more about its features and how it can help reaching out to your RG Nets representative or visit www.rgnets.com today!

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