Providing a reliable and flexible network for guests is crucial for hotels looking to deliver an excellent stay. Guests expect high-performance networks that are easy to use, can handle heavy traffic during peak seasons, and have strict security standards to protect their data. The rXg from RG Nets is an optimal solution for hotels looking to go above and beyond to create memorable stays that guests will want to repeat.

The rXg's all-in-one format offers a small physical footprint with an intuitive feature set. Sponsored Guest Self-Registration allows guests to check in quickly at kiosks or on their own devices. The Custom Captive Portal, allows hotels to create unique network landing pages for guests, enabling them to securely access the network and other amenities. The Integrated Billing feature allows hotels to offer tiered levels of internet access or extra amenities such as spa visits at various price levels without the need for third-party software. The rXg’s integrated Conference Portals allow the business center to serve as an easy location for coordinating and joining conference calls, and easy VPN setup ensures that business guests can communicate securely. The Fair Share Equalization feature intelligently balances bandwidth across guests to keep speeds consistent. The rXg also offers Integrated Property Management features, Security features, seamless Third-Party Integration and many additional features to enhance your hospitality network.

To learn more about the rXg and how it can benefit your hotel, please visit or contact your RG Nets representative.


The hospitality industry is one of constant innovation, as hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, cruises, and tourist experiences week to compete in an ever-evolving market. Whether on a business conference or attending a destination wedding, modern guests expect not only five-star service, but high-quality networks and the instant convenience only tech can bring. RG Nets’ rXg network gateway offers a bundle of features, ultimate scalability, flexible pricing, and an incredibly small physical footprint to improve guest experience and network performance at every stage. Gather valuable information about guest amenity usage, ensure optimal network streamlining for best performance no matter the guest count, and more with the rXg. To explore some of the rXg’s purpose-built features, we will follow Jane through her stay at a resort.


After a busy year at work, Jane decides to treat herself to a week-long vacation. She books a resort hotel and sets off. Upon arrival, Jane sees several kiosks marked Check-In. Jane is able to use one to quickly and efficiently check in, not realizing she is utilizing Sponsored Guest Self-Registration. At the kiosk, Jane enters requested Personally Identifying Information (PII) and scans her ID to verify her identity. The kiosk dispenses her room card and notifies her she can now use the email she provided to access the Internet. This process has created a hotel guest account for her on the Hotel network. When she joins the Wi-Fi, she will be automatically given access to guest resources while being kept separate from networked features meant for staff, such as informational databases or employee printers.

Once checked in, Jane heads to her room and drops off her things. She then selects the hotel Wi-Fi and is redirected to a Custom Captive Portal decorated with the hotel’s logo. She enters her email to connect to the internet, but that is just one of the Portal’s many features. Scrolling through, Jane notes she can order room service, upgrade her Internet access to better stream movies, video games, or even select a dedicated private VPN channel for business communications, access a map of the resort, and notify hotel staff if her room amenities such as toiletries run low. Any purchases are easily and directly managed in the Portal, thanks to the rXg’s Integrated Billing. Jane saves her Credit Card to the Portal for easy purchases moving forward. With the rXg’s robust Security feature suite, her information is secure.

Before dinner, Jane decides to spend a few hours at the resort’s pool. Her device seamlessly transitions between the indoor and outdoor networks without her noticing. While the indoor network, even the most basic, included tier, tends to prioritize video traffic as users are more likely to be streaming on their devices, the outdoor network prioritizes the traffic network administrators have most frequently observed via End User Analytics and Cognizance. After three hours poolside, Jane receives a notification for a drink coupon at the outdoor bar, which she happily redeems. Network administrators have utilized the rXg’s Events feature to trigger this notification for users who have spent many hours at the pool or other outdoor features. Events can be configured to respond to a variety of triggers, whether that is an end user spending a certain length of time in one location, changing locations, when certain activities start, if a user searches for a particular item, or virtually any other trigger network administrators can think of.

At dinner, Jane scans a QR code to access the menu. The code was made with the rXg’s inbuilt Dynamic QR Code Generation, which also allows for easy QR code generation for reservation documents, booked amenities like spa visits, and coupons. Jane can either order from the waiters or straight from the menu itself, and she pays through the Portal, no need to wait for a check. Events notifies her of live music playing in the resort lounge and she attends before heading back to her room to sleep.

The next day, Jane notices that a business conference is taking place in part of the resort. All conference attendees, when signing in at the kiosks, are automatically separated out to their own dedicated network channel that utilizes the most stringent security features, includes complete access to all Business Center features, and prioritizes conference-related network traffic such as video calling. The conference is run smoothly via the rXg’s Conference Portal, which allows business staff to book a suite of rooms and event space, customize an event-specific SSID, and coordinate rotating digital advertising for event vendors during the Conference weekend. This is just one of the many ways that the rXg’s network traffic optimization features, such as SD‑WAN and Fair Share Equalization, ensure the best end user experience. While other networks may rely on outdated or simplistic “first come first serve” methods, and other basic QoL features, the rXg intelligently balances network traffic and bandwidth demands to keep each end-user satisfied. Complete programmability means your network can be as hands-on or hands-off as desired.

On her Portal, Jane books and pays for services at the resort spa. In the entry area, there are convenient cubbies for storing belongings. The employee at the spa desk reassures Jane that the cubbies are always monitored by staff, and besides that, the resort boasts state-of-the-art security systems. Despite being run by third party companies, the rXg’s “Everything Talks to Everything” model and seamless Third Party Integration means that all security feeds and programs can be easily monitored through the Security pane of the rXg’s dashboard. With Multiple PSK support, resort staff can access resort systems with their personal passcode, which also determines what features, systems, and databases they have access to. Security staff, for example, are automatically given access to the relevant Security panes on the rXg dashboard, management can access the rXg’s integrated Property Management System Features, while more network-function panes are reserved for network administrators.

Throughout her stay, Jane is able to easily order room service, refresh complimentary amenities, pay for food and drink from the resort's bars and restaurants, stay updated on ongoing resort events, and even get nearby attraction recommendations, all through the Custom Captive Portal. When unsure how to reach a specific event location, she can simply pull up the resort map and utilize the rXg’s Wayfinding to orient herself and reach her destination. By the end of the trip, Jane has felt her every need attended to, as if she has truly had that next-level, modern hotel experience. She easily checks out from her hotel room in the Portal


These are only some of RG Nets’ rXg’s dozens of features, all designed with network administrators in mind. Wide customization options and fine-tuned performance guarantees improved network experiences, decreased management time, and reduced overhead. The rXg is the perfect platform for total control, clear communication, and complete cognizance over your RGN end-user population. To learn more about how the rXg can take your hospitality network to the next level, visit or speak to your RG Nets representative today.

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