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RG Nets is the leading provider of full-functioned head-end appliances that provide network operators a myriad of ways to optimize network performance, maximize network security, simply and easily provision network services across multiple sites and user categories, and provide an unequaled user experience that promotes increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The company’s rXg gateway is an integrated multi-services platform that provides - in one simple to deploy and operate appliance - all of the functions and features you need to operate an ultimately profitable network personalized to the individual needs of the owner, the market, and the network users. Get the most performance, the most reliability, the most efficiency, and the best user experiences from your network with RG Nets.

Industry Briefs

Multi-Dwelling Units

Multi-services broadband networks for increased occupancy in a competitive world.

Large Public Venues

Today’s entertainment venue visitors demand fast access, social and promotional connectivity.

Multi-Tenant Units

Business-class network-as-a-service delivery for fast, secure and reliable broadband services.


Everything the busy traveler needs, from robust internet connectivity to wayfinding to promotions for nearby businesses.

K-12 Schools

Multi-tiered, location-based and time-determined network access - and more - for today’s connected educational system.

Higher Education

Massive network infrastructure with a multitude of user and device types - all of whom demand the most secure, highest performance connectivity.


It’s all about the customer experience, from wayfinding to location-based promotional delivery to social interaction.

Conference Centers

High-performance, self-provisioning, nomadic services for multi-tiered conference access.

Cruise Ships

A luxury hotel on the high seas, guests demand fast and reliable internet access, social interaction, promotion.

Casino Resorts

Facility security, casino operations, and VIP guest access all require the most secure and intelligent network infrastructure.
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Peppermill Resort and Casino

Reno’s premier resort, spa and casino turned to RG Nets to deliver unrivaled network services property-wide: 1,635 guest rooms, massive spa and casino, pools, fitness center, restaurants, and lounges

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Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport

The world’s busiest passenger airport looked to RG Nets to deliver quality internet services to tens of thousands of travelers and staff, integrating multiple service provider subscribers into a single portal, delivering location-based services and promotions, and more

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Tech Briefs

Introducing rXg

At-a-glance look at the features and benefits of the RG Nets rXg.

Data Sheet

All about the RG Nets rXg technical specifications.

Fleet Manager

Provision, deploy, update and manage all of your devices simply and easily.

Location-Based-Services with the rXg

All the benefits of LBS in a single multi-services edge platform.


Learn how different network vendors determine accurate device location.


Connect geographically distributed locations with high performance virtual circuits, automate traffic based on policy, IP address, and more.

Multiple Uplink Control

Flexible connectivity options, dynamic path selection, user-friendly management and seamless integration.


Enabling service providers to accept flexible - and seamlessly integrated payment options.


Customizable service chaining integrated with best-in-class specialized security offerings, including a robust hypervisor for complete virtualization.


The best, most efficient, and highly effective way to address network, device and subscriber performance issues is to address them before anybody notices.


Simple centralized creation and control of secure, efficient and scalable SD-LAN infrastructures for network segmentation on your terms.

SD-WAN Overlay

Dynamic path selection and application awareness necessary to establish a secure, high-performance virtual overlay for distributed enterprise networks

Distributed B-RAS

Revolutionizing the way service providers connect with their customers.

Neutral Host

The ultimate solution for instant connectivity, network management, and enhanced guest experience.


A purpose-built multi-services edge platform as the frontline soldier in your Zero Trust Network Architecture.

PMS Integrations

Integrated Property Management Systems bring an unprecedented level of guest and customer insight to your property, increasing guest satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Ultimate MEC

Unparalleled performance and versatility in a reliable and scalable software package.
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THIS AGREEMENT IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT setting forth the terms and conditions under which RG Nets Inc. (“Licensor”) agrees to license to Customer…
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Each and every standalone rXg, rXg cluster node and rXg cluster controller, whether turnkey or software-only, procured directly…
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RG Nets, Inc. Software End User License Agreement. THIS AGREEMENT IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT setting forth the terms and conditions under which…
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The following document defines the basic ICBT process. At the end of this process the operator will have a fully operational rXg installation with a default portal…
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RG Nets cares about your privacy. For this reason, we collect and use personal data only as it might be needed for us to deliver to you our…
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Click the link below to view .vss of rXg faceplates.
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Visio Stencils

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