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Introducing the rXg

The RG Nets rXg is a sophisticated multi-services edge gateway that can fundamentally transform your network stack. From routing to secure NAC to virtual broadband gateways and so many services in-between, the rXg is one solution to provide myriad critical network services.

Intuitive and Customizable Interface

Operations Portals - Self-service and provisioning by non-IT staff

End User Portals - Custom-branded subscriber services

Admin Portal - Robust functionality and network management

Flexible Deployment Options

Virtual Machine - Can run in your existing VM environment

Bare Metal - Shipped installed on hardware, or available to install on your appropriate server


Custom Captive Portal

Make your first impression a good one. Providing important information, services and more, all while promoting your brand.

Complete Cognizance

Providing actionable intelligence on end-user activity network-wide, giving you complete context and control across the board

Fair Share Equalization

Patented feature ensures optimal network performance under the heaviest loads, ensuring the satisfaction of each user.


Integrated RADIUS services provide an enterprise-grade and scalable cybersecurity solution for user authentication.


Integrated SD-WAN solutions help manage increasingly complex networks, improve network security, and lower management costs.

Virtual Hosts

Virtual Hosting eliminates the need for multiple servers, streamlines management, and reduces web service hosting costs.


Wayfinding utilizes AP and user location data to provide customizable information used to guide the user’s on-site experience.

Sponsored Guest

Sponsored Guest Self-Registration removes the need for public passwords and ensures complete control of who is on your network.

Dwell Time Solutions

Utilizing guest location data analysis, network operators can ensure the most robust, high performance, secure and productive network.

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