The RG Nets rXg is a sophisticated multi-services edge gateway that can fundamentally transform your network stack. From routing to secure NAC to virtual broadband gateways and so many services in-between, the rXg is one solution to provide myriad critical network services.

The rXg is the only edge network head-end purpose-built to give service providers and network operators the ability to minimize cost, maximize performance and reliability, easily scale, and realize many network-generated revenue opportunities.

A Single, Unified Service Platform

Break away from the burden of managing multiple critical systems disparately and independently. With the rXg, Everything Talks to Everything (ETTE) in your network stack. We're network engineers who have spent decades managing networks large and small, and we've developed the tool we always wished we had - one that delivered an elegant and simple way to deploy, manage, analyze and operate complex network infrastructure from a single point of interaction.

Quickly create and deploy high volumes of VLANs on your switches, create AP groups and rules on your wireless infrastructure, deploy sophisticated micro-segmentation policies for any user or devices classifications you can imagine... all from an intuitive interface specifically designed to complete these historically arduous tasks with a few clicks, at a fraction of the time it would take by interacting with these disjointed systems independently.

Flexible Deployment Options

On Premesis

The rXg is an intelligent edge gateway, providing critical network services across your LAN infrastructure. It is the ultimate head end connection to your internet backbone.

Hybrid Cloud

The Fleet Manager can be deployed in any public or private cloud, enabling the deployment and management of unlimited On-Prem rXg gateways across your WAN.

Management for Third Party Systems

The Fleet Manager deployed in a public or private cloud has visibility into - and can push batch configurations to - multiple third-party device management systems.

Everything Talks to Perfect Harmony

Everything Talks to Perfect Harmony

We've heard about single pane of glass managment for decades. But it's not truly possible unless that single system plays nicely with your chosen infrastructure elements. The rXg was developed from the stack up to seamlessly integrate and communicate with best-in-class networking equipment vendors. So you can quickly configure, deploy, and update all of your user and device policies across your infrastructure without ever leaving the rXg interface.

One Platform to Rule Them All

The rXg is a full-functioned head-end appliance that provides network operators unprecedented ways to maximize network-generated revenue, optimize network performance and security, sipmly and easily provision network services across multiple sites and user categories. The rXg gateway is an integrated multi-services platform that provides - in one simple to deploy and operate appliance - all of the functions and features an operator needs to deliver an experience personalized to the individual needs of the operator, the market, and the network users.

Routing, DHCP, cgNAT, SD-WAN, subscriber self-provisioning, virtual residential gateway and more core services. Authentication that works for you - multiple-PSK, MAC auth, 802.1x. Simple creation of as many VLANs as you can imagine. Incredibly robust - yet unfathomably simple - configuration and deployment of micro-segmentation policiy by user, device type, room, apartment... whatever you need.

Agile B/OSS with Distributed B-RAS

And, all of these powerful networking functions can be managed and administered by non-IT staff, through comprehensive and customizable operations portals. Need to have front desk staff issue pre-shared keys that automatically place guests into an ultra-secure micro-segmented VLAN? There's a simple interface for that. Want your conference exhibition to select, purchase and self-provision broadband services for their trade show demonstrations? There's a simple portal for that.


Data Plane

  • Routing
  • cgNAT
  • DNS
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Traffic Shaping
  • BNG / BGP
  • DHCP
  • Portal


Control Plane

  • Instant Subscriber Self-provisioning
  • Venue Self-service management
  • Location Services
  • Billing
  • NAC


Management Plane

  • Wireline & Wireless auto configuration
  • Test & Measurement automation
  • Reporting

Everything Talks to Everything Else

Fully integrated solutions aren't limited to just your network infrastructure. The rXg can be seamlessly integrated with your Property Managment System (PMS) to bring unprecedented convenience, personalization and brand loyalty to hospitality and multi-dwelling unit networks. Detailed services self-selection and provisioning, virtual broadband gateway functionality and integrated billing enables rapid subscriber service delivery with no truck rolls, no prior account services setup, and no unnecessary delays. And fully customizable captive portal and advertising delivery servers create an end user environment that promotes the service provider brand with every interaction.

The Edge. Redefined.

Quite simply, the RG Nets rXg is a complete arsenal of integrated network functions, collapsed into a single hyper-connected platform.

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