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Stadiums and large events venues require advanced networking equipment to accommodate tens of thousands of attendees. However, traditional solutions can be expensive and require significant manpower and maintenance. The rXg network gateway from RG Nets offers a customizable and scalable alternative. It is already in use at two of the three largest stadiums in the United States and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any venue.

The rXg uses Fair Share Equalization, to distribute bandwidth intelligently, even under heavy loads. Custom Captive Portals allow attendees, vendors, and staff to easily join the network and access the resources they need. Network administrators can track attendees' Dwell Time and use the data to optimize crowd flow and sales. Event-specific notifications, including game updates and coupons can be sent to users through the Events feature. The rXg's Integrated Billing, system enables end-users to purchase higher speed connections or vendors to choose between service packages and internet service providers. Device Location Tracking, helps prevent lost or stolen devices, and the rXg's Digital Signage and Advertising capabilities allow for easy management and offering of ad packages to partners. Third Party Integration enables all third-party programs, including security software, to be managed through the rXg's dashboard.

To learn more about the rXg and its many features, visit or speak to an RG Nets representative.

Stadiums are the hearts of their cities, focal point of their universities – places where sports, arts, and entertainment come together, drawing crowds in the hundreds of thousands. Managing such complex environments is no small feat – many stadiums host up to two hundred events a year, ranging from sporting events to livestock competitions to musical acts. A strong, supportive infrastructure is necessary to enable staff and vendors to shift between event types and audiences as seamlessly as possible. While event guests will, at minimum, expect access to Wi-Fi, a stadium network is capable of transforming and enhancing the stadium experience. Already running one of the top three stadiums in the United States, the rXg is designed with your needs in mind. Manage crowd flow, elevate advertiser experience, and open up new profit avenues with RG Nets’ rXg networking gateway. Here, we will follow visitors at a stadium as they encounter the rXg’s various features during their visit.


Upon arriving to the stadium for a concert, visitors pass through kiosks where they are directed to scan the QR codes associated with their tickets, generated with the rXg’s Dynamic QR Code generation. Once checked in, administrators have configured the system to allow visitors to request any needed accessibility tools, like hand-held captioners. If chosen, one is automatically reserved at customer services, and they are directed to the kiosk where they can pick up the requested items. Upon pickup, their ticket is scanned again to link the device to their account. This allows event planners to easily track the volume of items requested at events, so they can ensure a sufficient amount is available, and prevents loss or theft by linking each device with a user.

The check-in system is supported by the rXg’s Conference Portal, which streamlines event management. In this case, concert organizers were able to easily book the venue, establish ticket costs, and request what stadium amenities they believed would be needed for the event. If desired, they could request and/or purchase specific network configurations, such as custom SSIDs and dedicated channels for the events. In this case, they have booked a dedicated network reserved just for the performers and their supporting staff.

When passing through security, visitors quickly scan their QR code once again. This allows event planners and Security staff to verify that each visitor has succeeded a security check, preventing visitors from attempting to bypass or circumvent it. Thanks to the rXg’s Third Party Integration, third-party programs such as networked Security camera software can be accessed directly through the rXg’s dashboard. With the rXg’s Multiple PSK system , each event staff member’s unique network login grants them access to network resources and the specific rXg dashboard panes necessitated by their role. Security staff are given access to the integrated camera control panel and other security features, network administrators can view every pane to monitor and ensure functionality, while cleaning staff only have access to the pane which tracks which public areas have been cleaned and when. Centralizing program and feature management to the dashboard removes the workflow slowdowns and security liabilities that are juggling programs, switching systems, and shared program-specific passwords.

When visitors access the Wi-Fi network, they are redirected to a Custom Captive Portals. Here, they can enter whatever Personally Identifying Information (PII) is requested by network administrators to gain access. In this case, they simply enter their ticket reservation number, as their tickets are already linked to their name and contact information. The Portal is branded with the Stadium’s logo and information; for this event, the concert performer’s branding has also been integrated. They are given basic speed Internet access, which is sufficient for browsing and communication. With the rXg’s Integrated Billing features, network administrators have also made several additional tiers available at incremental additional costs. These tiers include faster connections, sufficient bandwidth to livestream experiences, and even private connections for the security-conscious.

In addition to selecting Internet tiers, the Custom Captive Portals also features an interactive map of the stadium. With rXg’s inbuilt Wayfinding , visitors are able to view their location in the stadium and navigate to bathrooms, vendors, concession stands, and activities. Visitors can search for specific locations, or view the overall map to get a better picture of their surroundings. If they don’t want to walk all the way to concessions, stadium organizers have recently instituted At-Seat Delivery options. Once again utilizing the rXg’s inbuilt billing systems, in this instance Credit Card Payment options, visitors can select which food and beverage options they would like and have it delivered directly to their seat. While the stadium is not yet doing merchandise delivery, visitors can also browse merchandise options directly through their Portal and reserve and pay for specific pieces for pickup. This makes sure that coveted jersey, or band shirt, doesn’t sell out before the visitor is able to reach the merchandise stand. The order is connected directly to their ticket, and all they have to do is visit the vendor during or after the event, scan their QR Code, and pick up their merchandise.

The stadium is quickly packed with over sixty thousand visitors. Despite this heavy load on the network, performance and quality remains steady. Visitors are impressed by being able to easily browse while they await the start of the event, and vendors do not experience any slowdown in their networked Point of Sale or inventory systems. This is due to the rXg’s next-level Traffic Shaping Features, which move far beyond the standard, simplified QoL features most networks operate off of. Instead of operating on a first-come, first-serve basis for network resources, or simply prioritizing one type of traffic over others, the rXg utilizes Fair Share Equalization (among other features) to elevate network management experience. Fair Share Equalization intelligently handles network traffic, with as little or as much configuration as network administrators desire. As bandwidth is allocated automatically based on usage, need, and end-user volume, networks stay usable where they would otherwise slow or halt altogether. This also allows networks to flex with significant increases or decreases to end-user numbers.

Along with Fair Share Equalization, the rXg’s SD‑WAN architecture has allowed administrators to configure distinct networks to meet each end-user group’s needs. Vendors have their own dedicated line with even higher than usual levels of security to protect payment and business data moving over the network. Stadium staff have their own work network, ensuring all devices stay operable and at peak efficiency. Content Filtering allows administrators to dynamically control the data allowed to enter or leave the network. Easily prevent visitors from initiating large downloads, accessing illicit or illegal material, or bad actors gaining access to valuable data.

Throughout the stadium, rotating Digital Signage – easily managed and personalized through the rXg’s dashboard – advertises event-related merchandise, partner merchandise, upcoming events, and more. With the rXg’s integrated Advertiser Portal, stadium staff provide a straightforward, streamlined way for Advertisers to book different types, levels, durations, and amounts of advertising space at the venue. Advertisers can pay directly through the Portal with Integrated Billing, and – if administrators configure it so – even directly customize and upload their advertising content. This significantly improves advertising workflow and accessibility, making stadiums more business-friendly than ever.

Visitors who opt-in through their Portal can receive convenient notifications when acts, intermission, or other event activities start, thanks to the rXg’s Events feature. Administrators can configure Events based on any combination of triggers; to name a few: certain times, when specific conditions have been met, as a reward for completing certain activities, or even in combination with the rXg’s Dwell Time . Dwell Time allows administrators to see how long end-users spend in different areas. This is incredibly valuable, as it allows stadium staff to understand where visitors are spending the most time. If long wait times for bathrooms, concessions, or merchandise are detected, alterations can be made to improve traffic flow. Additionally, management can see which stores, activities, or areas are the most popular, allowing them to cut expenses that do not generate much draw and re-dedicate resources towards the most popular. Finally, with Events, administrators can even configure the rXg to improve end-user experience through methods like delivering coupons to end-users stuck in long lines.

After the conclusion of the concert, administrators configured Events to notify end-users of a short survey they can complete about their stadium experience, in return for being entered in a drawing for event merchandise. This allows administrators to collect further data on end-user experience and tweak upcoming events or offerings as necessary. In all, these are only a few of the features built into the rXg to improve and elevate stadium experiences. With the Complete Cognizance of the end-user base that the rXg enables, network and stadium administrators can customize their networks to improve visitor experience while maximizing profit.

In Summary

This document overviews how many of the rXg’s features benefit stadium environments. For a more in-depth look at each feature, and to learn about additional rXg features to fit your unique business needs and workflow, visit or click through to individual RG Nets Feature Briefs.

From install to ongoing management, RG Nets has taken every opportunity to provide value, customizability, ease of use, and profit sources to their customers and clients. The RG Nets’ rXg fits so well into every environment that it currently runs everything from individual home networks all the way to two of the top airports and one of the top three stadiums in the United States.

Its price-for-value cannot be beat, growing with your business while retaining its affordability. The rXg’s integration with third-party hardware and software makes installation a breeze, no matter what mix of hardware and software currently utilized on site. Settings, once configured, can be easily cloned for quick deployment across chains, multi-site locations, and backups.

Whether a long-standing venue or a brand new stadium, reach out to an RG Nets representative today to learn how the rXg can turn your network from a pitfall to profit, improving customer experience the whole way.

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