K-12 School

As technology’s presence in our life grows, it becomes more necessary than ever to equip today’s youths with the skills to utilize it effectively. Both to teach these skills and augment learning, technology’s presence in the classroom is expanding. Managing the variety of networked devices, from mobile tech carts to interactive whiteboards, requires an increasingly complex network, time, and manpower that is already constantly demanded elsewhere. With the rXg, RG Nets’ engineers have designed a network gateway that not only decreases the required equipment footprint significantly, but streamlines and simplifies workflows while increasing network security and functionality. Packed with purpose-built features, the rXg is ready to transform your education network.

With hundreds of devices passing through the hands of an even greater number of students, keeping track becomes a priority. The rXg’s Device Location Tracking allows educators and staff members to quickly and easily locate every device, from mobile carts to desk phones. Specific channels for students, educators, staff, and guests can be easily configured with the necessary network and device access configured for each. With Custom Captive Portals, give end-users a network onboarding experience branded with your school’s logo and colors, collect necessary identifying information (such as Student and Staff ID numbers) to accurately track who is on the network. With the rXg’s seamless Third Party Integration, manage network and cloud-based programs, such as Security systems, directly through the rXg’s dashboard. Easily deploy networking and networked devices across campus and seamlessly roam between buildings with no interruption in service. Ensure students have no access to illegal, illicit, or distracting material with next-level Content Filtering, and keep their data safe with the rXg’s inbuilt Security features. At every level, the rXg is built with features to assist with and enhance every aspect of education and administrative management. To learn more, visit www.rgnets.com or speak to your RG Nets Representative today.

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