Shopping Mall

Shopping malls strive to provide a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience to a large number of patrons each day. These large spaces often house a wide range of vendors with different needs, presenting a unique challenge when designing a networking solution. The network must be able to handle a huge and fluctuating user base during the busy holiday shopping season, provide reliable coverage across large areas, and be easily customizable to each individual vendor. The rXg from RG Nets was designed with these challenges in mind, offering a variety of features to support shopping centers.

The rXg's all-in-one box approach allows you to deploy and manage all your network devices from a central hub, using SD‑WAN technology.This includes security systems and digital signage with rotating advertising, which are easily integrated and run through the rXg. By setting up Fair Share Equalization, you can ensure a quality network experience for your vendors by dynamically dividing up network resources on the fly. The rXg's Custom Captive Portal tool allows you to create a custom landing page for patrons to securely access the network. Patrons can also opt into integrated events and loyalty programs that send coupons or sales notifications, and allow users to earn redeemable points for shopping at your location. The Wayfinding feature helps shoppers navigate the mall, and even allows them to filter services to easily find the specific store they are looking for.

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