The micro rXg's access and features are driven by microbucks. Upon registering for your free rXg, your account will be credited with plenty of microbucks to get your network up and running! There are many ways to earn additional microbucks to expand and improve your network, from joining our reddit community to following RG Nets on YouTube. Microbucks, and opportunities to earn microbucks, refresh each calendar year so your network can continue, uninterrupted.

Earning Microbucks

The micro rXg was originally known as the community rXg, and fostering a cooperative and creative community of rXg users is still central to RG Nets' mission. Providing a free, industry-leading networking gateway to consumers allows for the growth of the modern networking space, bypassing the usual cost or excessive equipment barriers. As such, the majority of the ways users can earn free microbucks involve community interaction and participation. Share your builds, your customized network workflows, all that the rXg has enabled you to do - and unlock new licenses!

Upon Registration
  • Post in the RG Nets Reddit Community megathread
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Subscribe to our YouTube
  • Validate your email
  • Link valid payment information to your RG Nets account
  • Post a new thread on the RG Nets subreddit - share your progress or ask a question!
  • Tweet about your network @RGNets #freemicrorxg
  • Post about your rXg on Facebook #RGNets #freemicrorxg
  • Share your network experience with others on LinkedIn #RGNets #freemicrorxg
  • Show off your cable management on Instagram #RGNets #freemicrorxg
  • Share your rXg tips, tricks, and questions in the YouTube comments
  • Re-validate your email
  • Maintain a valid payment connection on your RG Nets account each year
Pay as you Grow
Pay as you Grow

Utilizing only your free microbucks, you can build a functional, customized, and profitable network. As your business takes off, it may outgrow the bounds of the free micro rXg. That's where RG Nets "Pay as you Grow" approach comes into play. RG Nets separates out various rXg features and setups into subscriptions licenses that allow you to pay only for the type, capacity, or speed that you need. No need to waste money on bloated bundles or locked into long-term contracts. Some features, such as license transfer, are low-cost, one-time purchases that nicely complement an otherwise free network.

rXg Base Micro Subscription License

Operator Provided x86-64 Platform or VM Host: License for 99 Service Unit Licenses (SUL) annual subscription. Maximum 99 SUL per deployment. Each install supports 99 simultaneous active devices. 99 Radius clients, 99 DHCP clients, 99 DNS clients, 99 managed IPs, 99 infrastructure devices, and 99 VLANs, with support for up to 99 Mbps throughput. Upgradable bandwidth: 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 5 Gbps.



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