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rXg Fundamentals Training 7/24/24-7/25/24

date and time

07/24/2024 • 8:00 AM Pacific



RG Nets invites you to join our live, synchronous remote training classes. Classes are intentionally kept small to allow for the content to be customized and for personalized attention to be given to the attendees. 

Topics Typically Covered:

  • rXg product overview

  • bootstrapping an rXg on bare metal

  • bootstrapping a standalone rXg in virtualization

  • rXg clustering

  • rXg streaming replication HA

  • rXg wireless LAN integration

  • rXg wired switch integration

  • standard WAN, SD-WAN, cgNAT

  • LAN, VLAN, RADIUS controlled DVLAN

  • virtual residential gateway (vRG) and personal area networks (PANs)

  • rXg policy engine theory of operation

  • credit card billing with SDN orchestration

  • basic troubleshooting

An optional certification exam may be taken at the end of the course. Concepts and sample networks defined in the sessions are covered in the exam. Successful completion of this exam is a prerequisite for attending advanced training classes.

Equipment Options:
You may use your own rXg and WLAN infrastructure and/or you have access to our lab infrastructure. We recommend having your own infrastructure available for a complete hands-on experience. To use our lab infrastructure you must bring your own Ruckus wireless access point that can tunnel to our infrastructure.

It is also recommended to have (2) monitors.  This will allow one to be used for active configuration and the other will be used to monitor the instructor's screen.

This event is at capacity.
Please contact us for further assistance.

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