About Working at RG Nets

Read this and understand before you even look at the job descriptions, this is important and different.

  • RG Nets is a very small company and it is run by crazy people… arguably it’s really the leader who is truly insane, but in any case… it shows… in everything we do.
  • We have a short meeting in the morning every weekday … which we start by doing 30 push-ups while holding planks between them for 3 minutes and 30 seconds to the Moby track Flower (some call this the “Bring Sally Up Challenge”) … and yes, you did read that right, we do that every before every meeting.
  • Our corporate meetings are usually held at race tracks and often involve riding motorcycles at 150 MPH. Our corporate training events usually involve copious amounts of alcohol and firearms. This is not a joke, nor is it intended “to try make us sound like badasses.” We actually enjoy what we do and we believe that it helps promote the creative process and the business as a whole. Photographic evidence can be found on social media.
  • The rXg runs premier sites worldwide… including the busiest airports in the world, stadiums where teams you’ve heard of (and are on prime time OTA TV) play, piles of hotels and time shares in beautiful and exotic locations … and as an employee you can volunteer to help with these installs. The selfies you will take while doing this are priceless.
  • RG Nets is a high intensity environment and a meritocracy. We pay market rates to start. If you deserve a raise because you exceed our very high expectations, you will get it, on the spot. People who have worked with us for a while make far higher than market rates.
  • There are some people who enjoy disparaging us. Some of these folks are quite vocal and spew their crap all over the Internet as well as in person. We don’t care. We’ve been busy making a magnificent product and running a profitable company (no external investors) for the past 15 consecutive years. We are busy changing the world, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. We are looking for people who are thick skinned and like minded.
  • RG Nets has been a fully remote work environment for all employees since its inception. Other people are trying to figure out remote work. We’ve had it figured out for over a decade. People work when they can. People take off when they want to. We all get what we need to get done, that’s all that matters.
  • You probably ought to read-up about RG Nets before you apply, because if you do apply, you may get a call within a few minutes, yes even on a weekend or late at night… because we are always working. If we call you then you should be ready to have in depth discussions about what we do immediately.
  • You will be required to  write a cover letter and share your github to demonstrate your skill.  If you just push a button to say you are interested, it’s highly unlikely that your application will be considered. Tell us why you want to work with us.

Current Openings


Work Location:  Fully Remote (within continental United States)
Salary:  $135,000 – $275,000 annual based on experience and proficiency


Work Location:  Fully Remote (within the United Kingdom)
Salary:  $135,000 – $275,000 annual based on experience and proficiency


Work Location:  Fully Remote (within continental Europe)
Salary:  $135,000 – $275,000 annual based on experience and proficiency




We are looking for network engineers who have become software developers or software developers who have significant experience in network engineering.  The preferred candidate(s) will have current or previously held industry recognized network certifications (ex:  CCNA/NP/IE, CWNA/NP/NE, etc.).

Development environments that we use in our product(s) include, but are not limited to Ruby on Rails, Perl, Expect, JavaScript, UNIX shell all running on FreeBSD.This is a senior developer position.  The preferred candidate will have at least three (3) years of experience as a software developer.

The ideal candidate will be able to articulate and demonstrate the following skills:

  • Demonstrable experience as a Software Engineer or Software Developer (show us your code)
  • Experience designing interactive applications
  • Ability to develop software in Ruby and Perl
  • Excellent knowledge of relational databases (PostGreSQL)
  • Experience developing web applications using Rails
  • Proficiency in software engineering tools such as git
  • Ability to document requirements and specifications as well as write user manual entries

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate the following past experience:

  • Computer networking: 1 year (Required)
  • IP networking: 1 year (Required)
  • Software development: 3 years (Required)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions
  • Write well-designed, testable code
  • Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility
  • Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
  • Develop software verification plans and quality assurance procedures
  • Document and maintain software functionality
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems
  • Deploy programs and evaluate user feedback

Only candidates that submit a cover letter with a clear description about why they want to work with RG Nets included with their resume (CV) will be considered.  The cover letter along with the Short Form Application on this page will need to include a GitHub link with multiple repositories that demonstrate strong experience and exemplary code.  Candidates that fail to submit a GitHub link will not be considered.  Example of what the GitHub should model can be found here.

Please read the full description of this job posting before completing the short application form.  Once you have submitted your contact information, cover letter and CV expect to hear from RG Nets immediately (even at 3 AM if you applied completed the form at 2 AM). 

Once you have submitted your contact information, CV with Cover Letter per the requirements noted in the Application process and your experience matches what we are looking for expect to be contacted quickly.  We are a nimble company that moves fast, even in our interview processes.  Once you are contacted, candidates will be expected to write code in Ruby on Rails during the interview process. Candidates will be expected to configure a switch (set trunk port, set native access VLAN on a different port, etc.) during the interview process. Candidates who pass through the interview process will be asked to engage in a paid contract via Upwork for RG Nets for a short period of time, typically for three weekends as part of the interview process. Only candidates who want to work a very large number of hours and work under intense pressure should apply.