Universal Plug and Play

Micro-segment Aware UPnP

Most contemporary Internet applications have been developed with NAT in mind. A centralized server (“in the cloud”) supports NAT’d outbound calling from the LAN. Inbound connectivity is a simulation. Polling or a persistent two way socket originating from the outbound connection is used to return data to a device behind NAT.
Some applications have specific requirements that are difficult to meet with the simulated inbound connectivity through a proxy. One of the most common applications that require true inbound connectivity is real-time multiplayer gaming interaction. Obviously inbound access to local applications or content such as DVRs or media servers is another popular use case. 
Port forwards are usually established in order to make this work. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a mechanism to automatically create port forwards. UPnP works great for home networks with independent residential gateways. Multi-tenant spaces that deploy unified physical layer networks are incompatible with UPnP… until now.
RG Nets rXg includes an integrated microsegmentation-aware UPnP mechanism. This feature when combined with patented DVLAN-based microsegmentation and virtualized residential gateway (vRG) functionality brings an entirely new level of capability for multitenant spaces. Tenants and instantly configure their own port forwards, acquire additional static or dynamic public IP addresses, setup dynamic DNS and even have access to UPnP. This combination of capabilities provided by the rXg is unmatched by any alternative in the industry. 
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