Stadiums and large events venues require advanced networking equipment to accommodate tens of thousands of attendees. However, traditional solutions can be expensive and require significant manpower and maintenance. The rXg network gateway from RG Nets offers a customizable and scalable alternative. It is already in use at two of the three largest stadiums in the United States and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of any venue.

The rXg uses Fair Share Equalization, to distribute bandwidth intelligently, even under heavy loads. Custom Captive Portals allow attendees, vendors, and staff to easily join the network and access the resources they need. Network administrators can track attendees' Dwell Time and use the data to optimize crowd flow and sales. Event-specific notifications, including game updates and coupons can be sent to users through the Events feature. The rXg's Integrated Billing, system enables end-users to purchase higher speed connections or vendors to choose between service packages and internet service providers. Device Location Tracking, helps prevent lost or stolen devices, and the rXg's Digital Signage and Advertising capabilities allow for easy management and offering of ad packages to partners. Third Party Integration enables all third-party programs, including security software, to be managed through the rXg's dashboard.

To learn more about the rXg and its many features, visit or speak to an RG Nets representative.

Info for Stadium is coming soon

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