Instantly deliver guest Wi-Fi to tens of thousands of fans in a scalable, safe and secure manner.

Stadium Wi-Fi that Instantly Scales

Onboarding upwards of tens of thousands of guests in a short amount of time is a significant task.  Securely onboarding guests without creating a great deal of end-user frustration with cumbersome captive portals across hundreds of Wi-Fi Access Points and onboarding those guests efficiently is downright daunting.   With the rXg border edge network appliance, stadiums and the manage service providers who are responsible for delivering robust connectivity on gameday are able to provide a Highly Available (HA) unified border gateway that natively enables L2 and L3 client isoltation, AAA/RADIUS services, seamless Wi-Fi roaming with zero-touch provisioning. 

With rXg you can:
  • Eliminate guests complaints about “insecure networks”
  • Provide seamless property wide roaming with a single SSID
  • Logically segment each fan into a unique micro-network
  • Easily separate guest networks from concessions and operations
  • Improve frame delivery efficiency, improving network capacity and throughput


AAA Four-Diamond resort orchestrates guest network with rXg

“Putting in the rXg was the best thing that ever happened to our guest network.  Overnight the situation went from tons of complains and daily equipment reboots to zero problems.”

Erik Barnett, IT Manager, Peppermill Casinos

control. communication. cognizance.

The most flexible and capable network power projection platform in existence.  Insert an rXg at the border to bring a comprehensive arsenal of control, communication and cognizance technology to the edge.

Everything talks to everything

The rXg brings multiple network elements and functions into a single unified platform to deliver the most comprehensive ‘rack-collapse’ that enables network operators and managed services providers to reduce cost of deployment and management while delivering superior scale and performance.

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It's like a cheat code for building scalable, manageable, profitable and secure networks.