Clean Sheets. Clean Towels. Safe and Secure Wi-Fi.

When you think about a great hotel experience, what comes to mind? 

For decades, we’ve said “clean sheets, clean towels and comfortable beds…” But now there is something equally if not more important.  Fast, safe and secure Wi-Fi.

15% of 3-Star and Under reviews for hotels mention poor Wi-Fi.  Connectivity is essential. Professionals will check out of a hotel if they are traveling on business and poor connectivity prevents work from getting done.  Parents can forget about relaxing if their kids are struggling with internet connectivity and a secure network is just as important as a fast one.  

Hotel guests enjoy private rooms with their own door keys.  So why are they sharing the same network with everybody else on the property?

Public Wi-Fi systems are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks in which hackers recognize users’ vulnerabilities and intercept private information.  Public networks also allow for users to tap into other guests’ devices meaning anything could show up on any screen.

The standard approach to resolving these kinds of problems is to enable per-device isolation. This design presumes that Internet access is the one and only thing that is required on the network. However both individual guests as well as groups of guests such as families will all bring multiple devices. These devices need to be able to talk communicate with each other over WLAN infrastructure in order to deliver what is today consdiered basic functionality such as transferring a large 4k video (shot on a phone) to a laptop for video editing and transferring the resulting edited video to an tablet for local consumption as well as upload to social media. 

rXg delivers DVLAN based micro-segmentation enables hospitality personal area networks in a manner that is future proof. 

There is a faster, safer and simpler solution.  With rXg you can:
  • Eliminate guests complaints about “insecure networks”
  • Provide seamless property wide roaming with a single SSID
  • Provide personal area networks for each guest by micro-segmenting the network and dynamically provisioning virtualized per-room gateways
  • Easily separate guest networks from operations
  • Simplify online sign-up with Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys
  • Provide easy connectivity between in-room devices like TV’s for screen casting, IoT or BYOD devices such as personal assistants and more


AAA Four-Diamond resort orchestrates guest network with rXg

“Putting in the rXg was the best thing that ever happened to our guest network.  Overnight the situation went from tons of complains and daily equipment reboots to zero problems.”

Erik Barnett, IT Manager, Peppermill Casinos

control. communication. cognizance.

The most flexible and capable network power projection platform in existence.  Insert an rXg at the border to bring a comprehensive arsenal of control, communication and cognizance technology to the edge.

Everything talks to everything

The rXg brings multiple network elements and functions into a single unified platform to deliver the most comprehensive ‘rack-collapse’ that enables network operators and managed services providers to reduce cost of deployment and management while delivering superior scale and performance.

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