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Move in weekend in August is a fun time for students and parents.  For the IT staff at universities and the Managed Service Providers that support campuses and dorms it’s like working the register at a department store on Black Friday.  Pure pandemonium. 

Delivering reliable networking to student housing is one of the grand challenges of computing infrastructure today. Students want to have the same capabilities that they are used to at their homes. Most notably the students expect complete compatibility with the full spectrum of rapidly changing consumer electronics that are available on the market. Furthermore the rise of e-sports creates entirely new performance requirements that are difficult to meet with the deployment of even the most sophisticated network infrastructure. 

RG Nets patented DVLAN-based microsegmentation and virtual residential gateway technology is unique in it’s ability to meet the challenge. DVLAN-based microsegmentation is unique in that it is standards-based and emulates the networking topology that is expected by consumer electronics. This enables the RG Nets solution to support not only every known east-west networking desire but also works with networking mechanisms that have yet to be invented. 

Instant provisioning combined with self-service upgrades and control maximizes subscriber satisfaction. Basic users have instantly available connectivity with personal area networks tied to student information systems. Advanced users and gamers can take control of integrated micro-segmentation aware dynamic and static public IP mappings, UPnP support, static NAT, dynamic DNS and deep real-time instruments as well as historical performance archives. 

There is a faster, safer and simpler solution.  With rXg you can:
  • UPnP Support
  • Provide seamless property wide roaming with a single SSID
  • Provide personal area networks for each resident student by micro-segmenting the network and dynamically provisioning virtualized per-room gateways
  • Simplify online sign-up with Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys
  • Provide easy connectivity between dorm room devices like TV’s for screen casting, IoT or BYOD devices such as personal assistants and more

Featured Support

Micro-segmented UPnP Support

Some applications have specific requirements that are difficult to meet with the simulated inbound connectivity through a proxy. One of the most common applications that require true inbound connectivity is real-time multiplayer gaming interaction.

control. communication. cognizance.

The most flexible and capable network power projection platform in existence.  Insert an rXg at the border to bring a comprehensive arsenal of control, communication and cognizance technology to the edge.

Everything talks to everything

The rXg brings multiple network elements and functions into a single unified platform to deliver the most comprehensive ‘rack-collapse’ that enables network operators and managed services providers to reduce cost of deployment and management while delivering superior scale and performance.

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