Secure Segmentation for Healthcare

Similar to our rXg for Hospitality, Multi-Tenant and Multi-Family solutions; the healthcare industry at large can enjoy the same level of micro-segmentation for critical applications and guest networks while meeting all of the necessary security requirements that HIPPA requires to protect patient data. 

First lets look at “guests”.  While most guests would prefer not to be take residence at a hospital for a period of time, sometimes it is very necessary to do so.  Now as a guest of the hospital, it is perfectly reasonable for the both the patient and the patients family to stay digitally connected.  The challenge with this, is hospitals have strict data privacy requirements.  In fact, it is not at all uncommon for multiple networks to co-exist for different functions like imaging (MRI/CT/X-Ray), functions (Emergency Care), internal staffing, external staffing, patients and their families. 

Building multiple physical Wi-Fi networks that are co-located together creates problems with channel mapping, co-channel interference, efficient bandwidth consumption, on-boarding and routing.  To complicate the RF design, making changes to the physical networks is an intricate process as hospitals must remain “clean” and anytime new installation goes into a hospital that space must be reserved and effectively taken out of service for days.

With the rXg, healthcare IT staff can implement a better performing network by using a single physical Wi-Fi network, reducing the amount of infrastructure needed and leveraging the rXg’s Policy Engine to micro-segment the network building VSNs (Virtual Service Networks) that adhere to HIPPA requirements.  Patient data, imaging and as well as patient access can be statically assigned or dynamically created with multiple on-boarding techniques including LDAP, SAML, OSU and more. With the rXg’s ability to manage southbound network elements such as switches and access points through the rXg’s Everything-Talks-to-Everything unified policy engine patients, staff and applications are clearly isolated over a logical network that protects patient data, delivers the right amount of bandwidth by function and reduce IT overhead.

With rXg you can:

  • Eliminate guests complaints about “insecure networks”
  • Provide seamless property wide roaming with a single SSID
  • Logically segment each staff member, patient and function into a unique micro-network
  • Easily separate guest networks from facilities and operations
  • Improve frame delivery efficiency, improving network capacity and throughput

Key Technology

Scaling IoT

The RG Nets rXg IoT solution is a centralized software stack for managing all aspects of IoT across a property from a central location. Our micro-segmentation aware IoT commercial solution enables operators and service providers to deploy a single unified property-wide network that controls both property supplied and tenant supplied devices from a single pane of glass.

control. communication. cognizance.

The most flexible and capable network power projection platform in existence.  Insert an rXg at the border to bring a comprehensive arsenal of control, communication and cognizance technology to the edge.

Everything talks to everything

The rXg brings multiple network elements and functions into a single unified platform to deliver the most comprehensive ‘rack-collapse’ that enables network operators and managed services providers to reduce cost of deployment and management while delivering superior scale and performance.

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It's like a cheat code for building scalable, manageable, profitable and secure networks.