Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)

As a property manager, you know that attracting and retaining quality tenants is essential to the success of your apartment complex, condominium, or planned community. With the ever-changing short and long-term rental market, it's important to offer amenities that will draw in renters and keep them coming back. One often overlooked but highly valuable amenity is a high-quality internet network. RG Nets' rXg solution is designed to provide industry-leading service and flexibility to end-users, while also lowering network costs and maintenance time for property managers.

The rXg is a small, all-in-one networking solution that can easily be fitted into any location, but is powerful enough to handle large numbers of end-users. With features such as SD-WAN and Fair Share Equalization, it can intelligently distribute bandwidth to ensure a smooth and consistent network experience for all tenants. The rXg also offers Integrated Billing allowing you to accept payments directly from tenants without the need for third-party software. Additionally, with Neutral Host Access you can offer tenants the choice between packages from multiple internet service providers. Custom Captive Portals make it easy to onboard tenants, and Content Filtering ensures that no illicit or illegal activity can be carried out on your network. VPNs offer secure network options for tenants who require them, and Third-Party Program Integration and the Property Management Portal allow you to manage all aspects of your networked security cameras, tenant payments, and services from a single dashboard.

To learn more about how the rXg can elevate the tenant and property manager experience, visit or speak to your RG Nets representative today.

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