Starting in January of 2022, RG Nets, Inc. will make a small scale fully licensed and registered version the rXg available…
for free.

The most complete network edge gateway. Free.

The free version of the rXg will be fully functioning and will require registration and a license to function.  You bring the hardware and we will supply the software and community support for you to implement the most complete network head-end with full routing capabilities, NAC, Firewall and more. 

The Details

While we are providing a fully functioning version of the rXg, it is limited by the number of SUL’s (Subscriber User Licenses) that it will support.  The size of the license will be big enough to run your house unless you are doing super crazy IoT home automation across with hundreds of connected devices but you aren’t going to deploy it at a football stadium or even a coffee shop (well maybe a really small coffee shop).

It stands for Subscriber User License and is the base measurement for how the rXg is sold.  To oversimplify, think of it as pretty much anything with a MAC address.  Your smartphone, a smart door lock, an Ethernet switch, IoT hubs like the PIGlet. 

The free version of the rXg will come with online community support.  When you register your free version of the rXg you will automatically be enrolled in the c3 Online Community where you can learn from our team and other rXg experts from around the world. 

Great question and mission accomplished!  Once you start to understand the power of the rXg you will want to start truly deploying the rXg and bringing the most complete arsenal of network functions in the history of mankind to your networks.  But…you will need to become an authorized partner or work with our network of partners to buy an rXg with the SUL counts you are looking for.

The PIGlet will be making its debut soon.  Join our mailing list and be the first to find out when the Free rXg is available and when the PIGlet becomes available by completing the form below.

No.  We have a piggy bank.  Seriously, it’s a piggy bank which is a lot more charming than Arnold from Green Acres.  Oh boy,  this is going to be so much harder to explain in a few years.  Can you imagine that your kids or grand kids getting a Venmo from the Tooth Fairy? 

Look the rXg or Revenue Extraction Gateway helps network operators deploy scalable, manageable, secure and profitable networks…so the savings go in the piggy bank!

Romeo George

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control. communication. cognizance.

The most flexible and capable network power projection platform in existence.  Insert an rXg at the border to bring a comprehensive arsenal of control, communication and cognizance technology to the edge.

Everything talks to everything

The rXg brings multiple network elements and functions into a single unified platform to deliver the most comprehensive ‘rack-collapse’ that enables network operators and managed services providers to reduce cost of deployment and management while delivering superior scale and performance.

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It's like a cheat code for building scalable, manageable, profitable and secure networks.