2 Million Return to the Fair

Lone Star Blvd

2 Million Plus Return to Texas State Fair Howdy Folks, Welcome Back to the State Fair of Texas Every fall (not withstanding 2020) thousands upon thousands descend upon the State Fair of Texas for Fletcher’s Corn Dogs, ice cold lemonade or a craft beer.  They come in droves to see the newest concept cars from […]


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Micro-segment Aware UPnP
Most contemporary Internet applications have been developed with NAT in mind. A centralized server (“in the cloud”) supports NAT’d outbound calling from the LAN. Inbound connectivity is a simulation. Polling or a persistent two way socket originating from the outbound connection is used to return data to a device behind NAT.

RG Nets withstand ‘Black Hat’ Attack


RG Nets withstands Black Hat Attack Securing the worlds most Hostile WiFi network One of the world’s premiere hacking events, Black Hat attracts some 10,000 security super geeks who like to break stuff. Wi-Fi has always been a prime security target for Black Hat, who describes the network “the most hostile Wi-Fi network in the […]

Peppermill Casino

rXg brings scale, security and stability to the Peppermill AAA Four-Diamond resort orchestrates guest network with rXg The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is REno’s premier AAA Four-Diamond resort.  There are 1,635 guest rooms including the 600 room all-suite Tuscany Tower.  The resort includes a massive 82,000 square foot casino, 33,000 square foot spa, 9,900 square […]